Vivagrand Developments Projects that Remote Work Will Change the Landscape of Vancouver Real Estate

Vivagrand Developments Projects that Remote Work Will Change the Landscape of Vancouver Real Estate


Vivagrand Developments Projects that Remote Work Will Change the Landscape of Vancouver Real Estate

With unemployment rates levelling out at 5.2 percent in British Columbia in 2018, flexible working conditions and remote work have been a godsend for many Canadian families. A 2017 study conducted by Benefits Canada revealed that 47 percent of employed Canadians either work remotely or for a company who allows more flexible working hours and locations.

With Vancouver, BC real estate prices at an all time high, it is not a large leap for the average layman to understand how this model favours not only the employee’s bottom line but the employer’s as well. This powerful shift in the new working environment began in 1973 when visionary Mr. Jack Miles began to seek solutions to the rising costs of fuel and prime real estate to house large corporate entities within one central workspace. His solution, known as “telecommuting,” met the needs of both employers and employees by offering a means to cut costs, improve talent pools within a business, and provide employees with a better opportunity for balance between their home and working lives.

Though he may not have known it at the time, Mr. Miles created a new opus moderandi which would revolutionize not only the working world but also metropolitan real estate markets. Vivagrand Developments firmly believes that this draw towards remote work will change spending patterns when it comes to property for sale in Vancouver, Canada.


How Vivagrand Developments Envisions Remote Work Changing the Vancouver Housing Market

With today’s workforce leaning heavily towards remaining in jobs which offer remote or flexible work, it is evident that “the times, they are a-changin.” Vivagrand Developments recognizes that this shift in desirable employment situations also affects what type of residence the average Vancouver home buyer will now seek.

With most remote workers preferring to live and work within metropolitan cities, the demand for property for sale in Vancouver, Canada, is bound to increase exponentially. But not every property is created equally when it comes to the needs of remote workers.

Though Vancouver, BC real estate prices will continue to play a prominent role in the downtown housing market, people are moving away from large-scale single dwelling homes to apartments and new condo developments in Vancouver.

Remote workers make good money and are willing to invest it in the right property. Vivagrand Developments believes the time is now for developers to begin breaking ground on Vancouver presale condos to help supply the demand that is forthcoming.


What Are Remote Workers Looking for in Their Downtown Vancouver Home?

Vivagrand Developments understands that there are many advantages for the home buyer seeking new condo developments in Vancouver to purchase real estate in the downtown core. Living in the heart of the city greatly reduces costly commutes which not only leech expenses from an employee’s bottom line, they also take a powerful toll on the remote worker’s health and family relationships.

Commuting costs people valuable time; a commodity which for most people is far more precious than any amount of money. In order for businesses like Vivagrand Developments to best address the needs of people seeking property for sale in Vancouver, Canada, it is important to truly grasp what the remote worker is looking for from their downtown Vancouver home.

Vivagrand Developments forecasts these items as being high on the list of priorities for Vancouver presale condos for the remote worker market:

Vivagrand Developments recognizes the need for affordable housing.

For the potential metropolitan home buyer, cost counts. The ultimate dream home could be right at the remote worker’s fingertips, but if it is out of their price range, no amount of hoping and wishing will change their financial picture. Companies like Vivagrand Developments are charting an innovative way forward which includes providing new condo developments in Vancouver at budget-friendly prices.

Vivagrand Developments comprehends the importance of space optimization.

Remote workers require home offices; however, they don’t want to surrender a vast amount of their home for this purpose. People who engage in remote work are looking for Vancouver presale condos which maximize the use of space to allow for an efficient office area that doesn’t require the sacrifice of the comforts of home or impinge on their living quarters.

Vivagrand Developments understand the remote worker’s desire for social interaction.

What is the #1 complaint of remote workers? They experience a high rate of feelings of social isolation. This need for human interaction also serves as impetus for the changing Vancouver housing market. Why would remote workers consider Vancouver presale condos? Because condominium living gives the luxury of privacy coupled with the convenience of easy accessibility to other people. With common areas a standard feature in many new condo developments in Vancouver, the remote worker can have the best of both worlds; the opportunity to work from a home office and the blessing of friends just a door knock away.

Looking for property for sale in Vancouver, Canada?

Vivagrand Developments can help! Change is on the horizon, and Vivagrand Developments is leading the way to affordable new condo developments in Vancouver!Say goodbye to overinflated Vancouver, BC real estate prices today by partnering with Vivagrand Developments for your ideal downtown home.


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